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Don't Let Your Worst Days Define You

Whether you have been arrested, struggling with a divorce, hurt in an accident, or something has happened to a loved one or pet, putting the pieces back together can be overwhelming for even the strongest people and families. When the worst has happened, you need support and someone to help guide you back to your feet. That is the Corvey Law Firm’s mission – to put the problem behind you and navigate you back to sturdy ground. We are committed to defending you and your rights.

From the moment we become your lawyer and team – we are on your side and are committed to providing the highest quality of service. Becoming your lawyer is a personal relationship that we take very seriously. We do not get involved in every case that comes in our door; rather, we strive to ensure that we believe we can help and achieve our client’s goals. With that approach, we strive to be hands-on with our clients and believe effective communication combined with fearless dedication and effort is the best way to resolve your problem.

If you have a problem, large or small, please call or drop us a note about your case, and we will be happy to discuss it with you over the phone or during an initial consultation. If we are unable to assist you, at the very least, we can put you in touch with a qualified attorney who we know you can trust because we do.

Corvey Law Firm is conveniently located on Savannah Highway in Charleston, South Carolina, just two miles from downtown Charleston.

Our Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

When you have been charged for a criminal offense, the stakes could not be higher. We make sure your rights are aggressively defended.

Personal Injury

When your are injured by the negligence or acts of another, you need assertive knowledgeable counsel to ensure your rights are protected.

Animal Law

Our pets are like our family, and their issues can be challenging. When others pets do wrong, it is often the owner’s mistake, they need to be held liable.

Family Law

We specialize in providing comprehensive Family Law services to individuals facing a range of Family Court matters.

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